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Cosmos Security Training Vouchers Program Details


Training Vouchers Description

Cosmos Security Training Vouchers provide a convenient and easy way to purchase and get the top-quality training your customers need. Training Vouchers can also assist your customers in securing training budget now.
Assist your customers in keeping pace with the rapidly changing technologies through training programs that build their technical networking expertise. Cosmos Security Education Services delivers the knowledge your customers need to operate and maintain successful networks. We have expert training staff, with deep technical knowledge, providing them with hands-on classes.  national training is provided at Cosmos Security Education Centers across Canada.


Training Vouchers Purpose
The purpose of Training Vouchers is make training more marketable for Resellers and training organizations, and to create another avenue to sell seats in classes – ultimately providing more business for your training departments. Training Vouchers can be redeemed all over Canada, regardless of where the Training Vouchers were originally purchased, making the program especially appealing to national customers. Lastly, to be able to quote a complete education solution at time of sale of your multiple product lines that require cross training.


Training Vouchers Delivery Process
Cosmos Security Training Vouchers are a purchasing method for Cosmos Security training. They are redeemable at Cosmos Security Education Centers. They can be used for publicly available open enrollment instructor-led and eLearning courses; they can also be used for private onsite training. They are valid for ONE (1) year from the date of purchase. The courses chosen must begin before the Vouchers expire. All Cosmos Security Vouchers must be redeemed in Canadian Dollars "CAD"
End users can purchase Training Vouchers directly from Cosmos Security or one of our many reseller Partners


Training Vouchers Customer Benefits
Cosmos Security Training Vouchers are a convenient and efficient way to purchase and manage your customer’s training requirements. They enable them to increase productivity and improve network optimization while safeguarding a training budget and monitoring training expenditures. Benefits include:

  • Easy, up-front budgeting, avoiding the allocation of training funds on an ad hoc
  • Develop a highly trained, satisfied, and motivated IT staff
  • Flexibility to use when needed for a 12-month period
  • Received as part of a comprehensive solution including products and services
  • Keep pace with fast-paced technology and gain competitive advantage
  • Simplified Order Process to buy Vouchers
  • Reduce expenses and streamline financial process with a single budget and purchase order

Training Vouchers Sales Benefits to Resellers

  • Create additional revenue streams by selling high quality specialized training to end users.
  • Realize an agreed upon discount rate on all Cosmos Security training courses.

Ordering and Redemption Information
Cosmos Security Training Vouchers can be purchased at any time, in combination with a product sale or independently.  

Vouchers are ordered per course at a set dollar value ( as listed on the website )


Training Vouchers Ordering Process

Step 1
Reseller places a purchase order for Training Vouchers.
All end-user information must be included for the ordering and redemption process to be completed.
Step 2
The purchase order goes directly to the Cosmos Security Order Management team, which books the order in the system and sends order and invoice acknowledgements to you ( The reseller ).
Step 3
Once Cosmos Security receive a valid payment for the invoice ( PO#, Check, Credit Card payment, or Wire Transfer ) Cosmos Security issues Training Vouchers with a unique authorization number with the expiration date of ONE (1) year from the date of purchase.
Step 4
The reseller provide the voucher unique authorization number to the end user with instructions on how to register for the course when the end user is ready for the training.
Step 5
The end user must register directly with Cosmos Security ( web registration, or by phone, and use the voucher unique number provided by the reseller as a valid payment method.
Web registration form :


Training Vouchers Redemption Process
Step 1
The end user registers for a publicly available open-enrollment class at a Cosmos Security Education Center In the Web registration form, they:

  • Choose Training Vouchers as method of payment
  • Enter the authorization number provided to them by you

Step 2
Cosmos Security sends registration confirmation directly to the end user with details on the training logistics
(location, start time, required equipments, etc... )
Additional Resources:
Voucher Redemption process is located on Cosmos Security website at this link



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